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Honest Interracial Date - CH Shorts

Some forums can only be seen by registered members. Sorry if I am posting this in the wrong place. I am looking at potential job opportunities for after I finish grad school and I am from OH but looking to possibly move likely move to a southern state NC, TN or KY however, the biggest concern for me is stupid I know what is the interracial dating like in NC? What areas are good what areas aren't? I am a African American female and I exclusively date white men and Hispanic men but mostly white. I know that I have heard that the South can be a little against that but I am really hoping that a move will be a good fresh start for me and will lead me to an amazing person to be with. I am looking at possible jobs near Jacksonville?

So what makes me different than men, or anyone for that matter, that has a type they are attracted to? Also, most Black men not all do not share my taste in music, movies, food and other interests and having to defend and explain it becomes exhausting. I've grown tired of hearing "Why do you listen to that White music? And to address Bob one last time, if you think calling someone "whiny" and stating "So the problem is everybody, and everything, but you" and opening with "If you are having that much trouble hooking up in Charlotte then the problem is you" aren't inflammatory statements, then you are mistaken.

My first post about dating was directed towards people who are in my age group and I received many private messages from others who agreed that dating within our demographic is difficult for various reasons. This post was not to "whine" about speed dating but to get people's thoughts on the matter.

Everyone was being delightful as always and you came along and changed the tone. Do not sit there and act as if I came out with claws for no reason. Just stop it.

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It definitely remains a mystery why you are having trouble hooking up. Bob, play nice! DK that's a very thoughtful answer.

Interracial Dating in Charlotte

Wait, how did I become the moderator? Carry on please.

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Bah - this thread was fun when the posts were light. Needs more bowling alley references No luck but okay with it. Went to a free tango lesson that I found on and wound up being the only person there.

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Hell, at least I got a free private lesson. Currently debating about going to a zombie paintball event charlottezombies. Michael D's odds of me finally breaking down to meet him are looking pretty good. Hi DK, I would have to agree that dating is a bit difficult, even in Charlotte.

Interracial speed dating charlotte nc

I am like you over 40 and have tried many of the same dating scenes with no success. C'mon guys. Anyhow I just thought I'd throw my 2 cents in the pool because it's not always that we are difficult as women! Most men are not gentleman anymore. Chivalry seems to have died Now before I'm attacked for that statement, I also realize there are lots of women out there that are equally undesirable.

Best wishes to us all! I think we're in an amazing transitional time where we are re-evaluating traditional roles and we each just have to be a lot more communicative regarding what we expect out of a relationship. That's why I think sites like Match can work because you can state all of it up front. It's hard in a date to get right to ecpectations like you maybe don't want kids, for example, but you do want marriage and a lifelong commitment and you're willing to move for the right person.

Those kinds of criteria alone can take up a lot of time when looking for ideal partners. I think Audrey's point is not so much about the vehicle that is used but more about once you have reached your destination. He seemed nice enough and we exchanged numbers.

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During our very first phone conversation, he felt that I should dirty talk to him so he could get off. Phone sex and we haven't even gone out for a drink? Needless to say the conversation was over before it began. He went on to date another girl from my company and had an attitude every time he saw me.

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And yes, being older age plays a major factor. Most older women want to take the time to know a person first because they've been burned before and don't want the games or heartache anymore. And since women outnumber men almost 3 to 1, it makes it easier for a man to move on to the next candidate. I will leave ya many places, but the dark will never be one of them. Make sure you really wanna know because I will be honest. I expect the same in return.

It takes a special man to handle a woman like that. Men say that's what they want in a woman but when they have the opportunity to have it or explore it, they don't know what to do with it. If that makes sense. And yes because so many young girls just put out because oh I want him to like me or oooo he's hot, or wow he's loaded is the reason we are perceived as something we are not.

Not to mention men would not approach a woman like that if they respected them in the first place. I just sent my son off to college.

Queen City Speed Dating

That's just creepy. Just remember there is a fool born every minute A younger woman will be gone 9. Just some food for thought.

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I think people should try slow dating more often, i think it creates longer lasting relationships. Slow dating - how do you play that? Sounds like a social revolution! He was a "maybe" but I wound up not picking him and I'm glad that I didn't. He's a vegetarian strike 1is allergic to cats strike 2 and has ADD so he has no memory skills strike 3. He's had at least two of his ex girlfriends try to cut him so that should be a sign right there.

Needless to say, this will not end in a love connection. That's terrible! Sounds like speed dating is a magnet for jerks. That was my attempt at humor. So slow dating could be like slow dancing where people relax and just kind of go with it and not always trying to show off some new move.

So i hope that helped if not don't mind me :. He asked me how old my cat is and then said "So he doesn't have that much longer to live.

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That's great because when he dies maybe we can live together. I think i am looking way more attractive at this point.

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Quit smoking together?!?!? Bump that! We're gonna eat some ribs, share some with some stray cats and smoke until we can't smoke anymore!!!! This conversation is older than 2 months and has been closed to new posts. Log In. Sign Up. Home Services.

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Needle in the hay stack I'm a young looking man who is widowed seeking a younger woman for fun casual dating. I'm generousfun loving and believe in the work hard play hard mantra. I like soft candle light dinners followed Life is my lesson and blessing! The year for us! The no shirt photo is only to show that I try to eat clean and stay in shape. By no means am I a gym rat! What you see is what you get!! Business owner. Love playing musical instruments.

Speak 5 languages. Like to laugh, sing, coordinate weddings, very much adventurous!! Taught K for13 years. It is difficult to lump the entire "north" and "south" into absolute patterns of behavior, but we experienced a lot of racism in Mississippi and Alabama college and in some rural places in NC. My cousin is mixed and lives in NJ and said she never had any issues with people, except when she visited family in Smithfield, NC.

I have a number of friends in Mississippi who dated girls only to have them break it off after their parents disapproved. At my school we had a lot of students from Memphis and they had some serious race issues there. The way we were treated in Memphis was also just really strange. Especially in the triangle, Charlotte, and other areas mentioned. I live in Clayton and there are so many mixed relationships it's normal now.

Register Today - Charlotte Speed Dating Can Fill Up! Krishnan Charlotte Event Host *Online registration closes 5 hours prior to the event. If you are not signed up by then you must be at the event 30 minutes early, pay in cash and a $15 late fee. Oct 10,   Charlotte, NC; 26 friends Be active locally, you will meet people everywhere you go. Speed dating and online services are really best as a last resort, mostly for people who don't present well in real life. Darshan started not one, but two Yelp threads complaining about her dating success in Charlotte, and publicly asked for opinions. Share Ebony - Matchmakers Speed Dating Black and Proud Charlotte Ages 50 and Over with your friends. Save Ebony - Matchmakers Speed Dating Black and Proud Charlotte Ages 50 and Over to .

Growing up - about 10 years ago - was when this started to break through into the norm. If you move to TN I would stay away from Memphis - lots of N words in my personal experience, and an argument among students that split along color lines like I've never seen anywhere else.

Please register to post and access all features of our very popular forum. It is free and quick. Additional giveaways are planned. Detailed information about all U.

Sophisticated Simplicity. Our events offer a fresh alternative to speed dating and matchmaking in Charlotte. We don't find anything romantic about whistles, name-tags or over-the-top party trimmings typically found at singles events so we have done away with them. Interracial Dating in Charlotte Find out singles in Charlotte! Make today the day you go from being one of the unlucky single men or women to happy and in a meaningful relationship! Swirlr can help you meet good looking single men and good looking single women when you join! Feb 04,   Sorry if I am posting this in the wrong place. I am looking at potential job opportunities for after I finish grad school and I am from OH but looking to possibly move (likely move) to a southern state (NC, TN or KY) however, the biggest concern for me is (stupid I know) what is .

Posting Quick Reply - Please Wait. Similar Threads Interracial dating- where are the best places to meet white men open to dating black women in Columbus, OH? View detailed profiles of: Charlotte, North Carolina.

Raleigh, North Carolina. Durham, North Carolina. Follow City-Data. Twitter :. User Name. Remember Me. View detailed profile Advanced or search site with.

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